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We are a research and travel agency with an aim to develop tourism and enable people from everywhere to discover the people and culture of the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

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Innocent BUCHU

Innocent BUCHU

Researcher, Blogger

Innocent Buchu is a University Research Teacher, Journalist and Blogger who is known for his expression and inspiration. Trained in photojournalism by Reuters Foundation, in Web writing by Radio Netherland Word (RNW) and in Radio writing by Gyokaji, Innocent Buchu is a Bachelor in Communication Department of Journalism and Foreign Policy from the University of Goma. Buchu reports in consultancy for organizations including a series of reports that have documented the mapping of coffee in eastern DRC with the Ong Easter Congo Initiative. He is a Volunteer in the communication and media department of Congo International Film Festival for 4 years, and Fellow Media of ICSW2017 Local Event of CIVICUS Alliance on the International Dialogue of the Great Lakes. Innocent Buchu is the first laureate journalist of the Mongongo Na Biso prize, the first prize in the DRC on sexual and reproductive health issues.

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