We help you get things done
We are experts on the ground View services
We help you get things done
We are experts on the ground View services
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We are Inside Congo

We know the Democratic Republic of Congo inside out. We aspire to produce interesting and constructive insights into our complex social, cultural, political and economic matters - and we offer the inside perspective, for both local and international audiences.

Our awesome services

Inside Congo offers you the invaluable support you need to get to the heart of our country: we take on bespoke assignments in research & consulting, fixer & production, and travel logistics & experiences for organisations, individuals and groups.


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We’re a dynamic team who want to inspire you, inform you and assist you in understanding what’s really happening on the ground. We are your source of knowledge and your partner in DRC.


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We work hand in hand with our clients to connect, contextualise and comprehend our culture.

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